Plastic injection

Whether the product has been designed to our assistance, the pattern was manufactured by us or our subcontractor Ltbnitsl client. You can find B”tmoz Rosenstein, Ltd. “and technical teams with Injection personnel and knowledge Nisionmktzoai

We have our factory in Holon modern and advanced equipment, and we use a variety of methods to carry out the work Moslmsl

Over the years we have created many millions of plastic parts and various raw materials mainly Homrimtcniim engineering.

Experience and knowledge we have accumulated become the “Tammuz Rosenstein, Inc.” Flstikmhtobim jet manufacturers in the country

We welcome every customer to come to our plants and our ability Holon Lhitrsm of 12 new machines Lhzrktflstik sizes from 15 to 400 tons

The plant operates 24 hours a day 6 days a week.


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