Prototype design and production

Designing and manufacturing an accurate and high-quality prototype serves as an initial and basic model of the product.

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Design and Development

Offering complete solutions for complex and multipart projects as well as engineering services and detailed product development.

We tailor-make the suit to specific project requirements including initial concept, design prototype, mold design, flow and strength testing, raw material selection, cost analysis, and timeframe.

Molds manufacturing

Providing custom solutions to meet your specific needs. Our services include our singular mold development, manufacturing, maintenance, and repair to meet all your requirements.

Our molds range from medical, high precision, hardened steel and multi-cavity multi-sliders, to delicate, miniature, and thin wall parts, among others.

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OEM, Private Label and Own Products

Offering a large variety and flexible agreements to meet your needs and goals.


Plastic Injection Molding

Our factory currently utilizes 25 injection molding machines ranging from 15 to 400 tons. We inject a large range of plastics, reinforcements, and complex raw material such as PP, PA, PPA, PPS, TPE/TPV, PVDF, Polysulfone, ULTEM, PEEK, PVC, HDPE, PC among others.

Our forte lies in our ability to accurately select and color-mix materials, on- and offline grinding and drying processes, and robotic process automation on our manufacturing lines.



Our one-stop shop, comprising of full design and manufacturing services, culminates with the automatic or manual assembly and packing of components, parts, and miniatures.

Quality Assurance and Product Inspection

Dedicated QA and QC experts monitor and inspect the entire product life cycle: from raw materials to manufacturing oversight, up to mechanical, visual, and technical inspection of the finished products.

Rosenshine Plast is ISO 9001-2015 approved and meets the highest standards for each client’s unique needs.

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Contact Us

Rosenshine Plast Ltd
Professor Schorr 44 Holon, Israel.

Phone: +972-3-5505880 / +972-3-5593004


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