Plastic Injection Molding

Our factory currently utilizes 25 injection molding machines ranging from 15 to 400 tons. We inject a large range of plastics, reinforcements, and complex raw material such as PP, PA, PPA, PPS, TPE/TPV, PVDF, Polysulfone, ULTEM, PEEK, PVC, HDPE, PC among others.

Our forte lies in our ability to accurately select and color-mix materials, on- and offline grinding and drying processes, and robotic process automation on our manufacturing lines.

You can combine the production of complex materials including metal balls, metal fibers, UV protection, raw materials
Anti-static and more.

Plastic Injection Process

Plastic injection is a common manufacturing method in the plastic industry. It has many perks such as accuracy, fast but high quality and cheaper in large quantities.

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Rosenshine Plast Ltd
Professor Schorr 44 Holon, Israel.

Phone: +972-3-5505880 / +972-3-5593004


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