Polycarbonate glasses

Tammuz Rosenstein, a variety of plastic dishes and cups made of polycarbonate hiball long time and almost unbreakable. Delightful dishes for parties and outdoor events multiplayer. Reusable polycarbonate glasses are suitable for use in commercial environments, bars and clubs to help reduce crime and violence associated with the glass broke and cut costs for business.

We use our factory in Israel and environmentally friendly products Mfolikrbont approved for use in contact with food and can reuse and recycle at the end of their lifespan. A variety of transparent polycarbonate vessels are designed for durability is very high and in fact almost incapacitating fragile.

We can print on the tools of your brand logo text, logo or image. This is a tool for all custom polycarbonate plastic is great for bars, clubs, promotions and events.

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